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Man am I humbled and thankful that you’re here visiting my brand new blog.  It’s pretty simple: if you Join My Tribe/Mailing List you get 1 entry into my biggest giveaway ever!  And if you publicly share this page on Facebook and Pinterest you get an extra 10 entries!  I like really want you to win.

Anyone with a valid email address can enter.  I need your first and last name so I can identify you as the winner and I promise I won’t send you a bunch of garbage.  In fact, you’ll get exclusive offers to my shoppe and bits of hope and encouragement as I write them.  Nothing annoying- ever.  Just love and my best blog hugs.

Without further ado…

The Prizes!

$200 to Lovely Hollow

1 Winner will receive a giant shopping spree to my Etsy Shoppe!

$75 to Lovely Hollow

2 Winners will receive a less-giant shopping spree to my Etsy Shoppe!

Custom Painting

2 Winners will receive a custom hand-painted sign!


Of course you do.

Each of these bad boys gets you 5 more entries.  Do both for a total of 10! #math


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