Life is crazy lately. And while I have a million things to say, I’m also at a loss for words not knowing where to begin. We’ve welcomed a beautiful baby girl and this year and also the most devastating news: my mom being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. All that during a pandemic and well… it’s been a lot.

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Jesus and Nathan- they have sustained me. And today, on our 10th wedding anniversary I am humbled and in awe and more. Every year I do a countdown tribute, and this year it came more easily than most. I can hardly remember my life before we became one, and the joy from a full life together is more than I ever hoped for. One thing I know for sure after the epic highs and lows of 2020 is this: Nathan Pelzel = the best choice I ever made.

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10 years today. Ten years ago we were babies who said “I do.” We found each other and knew, and it was the best decision I ever made.

9 years ago we stared at a stick with a plus sign. Nathan, giddy. Me, terrified and in denial.

8 years of growing our family and trusting Jesus with all the disappointments along the way.

7 of us under this roof: the five of us and our two sassy pups. Perfection, this combination.

6 tiny feet that fill our house with smiles and giggles.

5 members of Team Pelzel. Five. What in the world.

4 years between Nathan and I that I almost let keep me from dating him. Silly Past Me- such a small thing.

3 stranded cord: us and the Lord. We wouldn’t be here without His grace, my friend. There is no us without Him.

2 hearts who say yes to each other, and yes to Him, day after day after day.

1 life, 1 home, 1 adventure after another.

10 down, and a lifetime to go. xo

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