2019: Man. What a year.

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I was awoken this morning by Emmy, my 3yo, screaming in the bathroom. She had an accident, there was pee everywhere, and mornings are already not my thing. And now that I’m typing this I’m remembering that the load of pee-covered items is still in the wash… 4 hours after it finished washing.  #motherhood #ohwell

This morning, on our 9th anniversary, Nathan and I also had a huge, blow up fight about breakfast. BREAKFAST, PEOPLE. I cried so much I needed a nap, and I’m sure it just had to do with the fact that I was covered in pee and didn’t sleep long enough. (By the way, we’re fine. People fight about dumb things sometimes.) What’s funny about this to me now, 8 hours later, is that this morning is the complete opposite example of how our year has gone. Years 1-8: Yikes. We had some major ups and downs. And somehow this year it was like we suddenly agreed and lived this happy life. It was awesome.

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We chased after so many dreams this past year. We went on our first ever family vacay, agreed on so many big things (maybe you and your spouse agree all the time and this isn’t a big deal for you. But oh my friend- just “agreeing” is reason for a celebration dinner around here. So we’re cheering for this!), we decided to ask God to use us, right where we were at, and have seen Him move huge mountains because of it.

Each year I try to do a count down of sorts on our anniversary. My brain is foggy from the wind down of Christmas, but I’m gonna give it my best solid effort, and pretend like me writing this post will inspire me to get my butt back to writing again in the new year.

10 years ago tomorrow, he first told me he liked the idea of us. I awkwardly danced around the fact that he was too young for me and then he logically explained to me that I was wrong and we were perfect for each other. This is still pretty much our dynamic a decade later.

9 years ago today we said I do. Just yesterday we were telling our friend about how our wedding day was meh. But the BEST day was actually the day afterwards when we woke up from a super fun sleep over, opened a bajillion presents (We had 350 people at our wedding. Give that a minute to sink in.), and then went on vacation. So to my not-yet-married friends: it’s ok if your wedding day doesn’t go as planned- the day after is way more fun anyway.

8 is his enneagram type, and I’m a 2. I don’t know if you’re super into the enneagram or not, but I’m a new enneanerd this year and yes, I want to talk about it all the time.

7 years ago we bought a home together. And this has probably been the first year that I’m starting to fall in love with it. I was eight months pregnant when we moved in, so it was really out of sheer necessity that we chose it, not love or admiration. But after a crap ton of sweat equity, I’m starting to feel fond of this little Defiance House.

6  months or so ago, we felt like Jesus was leading us to invite people into our family. Unsure of what that meant, we just said “Umm, ok.” and it has been such a sweet time since we did. We have weekly dinners for a group of friends, and the girls have a new Uncle they’re crazy about. We love inviting people in, and creating a safe space to come and be loved on. It has become our favorite thing, and we are so humbled that Jesus would give us the gift of community the way that He has.

5 days a week we are taxies for our girls and on the weekends we lay around and do nothing. We are THAT family and I’m not sorry. We decided a long time ago that we were going to make a peace a priority in our home, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Saying no doesn’t come easily to me, but thankfully I married a professional No-sayer.

4 of us. How are there four of us now? Our love has made the most precious treasures and we are so humbled they are ours. We have this sweet little groove when we’re together and it’s the best.

3 year olds are yikes, right? We have one right now and we are both so tired from the tornado as well as the laughs she brings. We often sit back and watch our treasures together- being whimsical and magic all at once. There’s nothing quite as special as delighting in your children with your spouse- the only other person who’s as obsessed with them as you are. It’s the best.

2 completely different people: Nathan and I. I often wonder how two total opposites have been able to make it work for this long. But God is so faithful, isn’t He, friend? He comes close to the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. He makes a way where there is no way, and what He has done, no man (or woman!) can undo. 2 hearts set towards their King, hand in hand, we run.

1 life we share. 1 home we love. 1 family we’ve built. 1 adventure we’re on. Lately we’ve been telling the girls about our hilarious engagement story. Throughout each flop that night, the one thing we kept saying to each other was, “We’re gonna live an adventure, baby!” and it’d help us laugh away the fact that we almost got attacked by a rattle snake and flipped over his dad’s jeep (another story for another time). So the girls have begun to adopt the saying, “we’re living an adventure!” instead of having baditudes about things not going the way we expect. And that’s pretty much our life: living an adventure, whatever/wherever/however it looks.

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Nathan Pelzel, how thankful I am that you asked me to be yours. You are my dream man and I’m so honored to be your wife. Here’s to us riding out this adventure in ways we never thought possible. You’re my everything. Nine down, forever to go.

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