For those of you who’ve been following along with me for a while now, I wanted to give a small breakdown of my heart for this blogging adventure.  I never thought I would end up writing, but here I am- stepping out in this new season that I’ve stumbled into.  The next three posts will encompass just that, and hopefully you’ll get to know me a little better in the process.  Thanks so much for reading, what a blessing you are to me!


I grew up with a crafty mama.

She was an Elementary School Music Teacher and every summer we’d craft all the things.  Creativity was always in our home- in fact, I never really knew that other people could grow up without it.  When I moved away for college, I slowly accumulated my own crafting stash and was creating any chance I got.

Fast forward to 2011- our first year of marriage and right before I got pregnant with our eldest daughter, Ella.  I read a life changing book called The Creative Call by Janice Elshiemer.  I can’t even begin to tell you how influential this book has been in my life.  While reading it, it felt like I could suddenly see my life as a puzzle, and all the pieces were finally coming together.  You know those times in life- those seasons where God speaks to you a lot all at once?  That was one of those seasons for me.  I opened up my Etsy Shoppe and decided to put whatever creative outlet of worship first.

And now, as a wife of a Software Engineer and mama of two beautiful girls- my heart still lies in creativity- yearning to make, do and be all the creative things.  When I create, I feel the smile of God shining down on me– igniting my passion for my craft and the need to grow deeper in communion with Him as I do it.  I don’t know if there’s any truer worship inside of me than when I begin to create.  It’s like this light switch gets turned on, illuminating idea after idea as I hear whisper upon whisper from Him.  When we are doing what we were created to do- the thing that makes us most alive- nothing is sweeter.  And nothing in the world is more important.  That’s what happens when I create.

I’ve dabbled in just about every craft under the sun.  Hobby Lobby is totes my BFF and I have a craft room that is overflowing with supplies.  When I first started my Etsy Shoppe back in 2011, Nathan told me that I needed to pick one thing and focus on that to sell and manufacture.  I said, “PFFFTTTTTT” and definitely rolled my eyes at him (sorry baby).  He has an entrepreneurial spirit and wisdom to boot, but my free spirit just can’t pick one thing.  It’s a problem, I know.  It’s just that I can’t handle the idea of doing one thing forever.  The last time I painted our kitchen and living room Nathan told me I’d have to leave it that way for two years.  And I was like HOW DARE YOU.  I like new things too much.

The one bit of good news in overly liking novelty is that I also constantly crave new words in my spirit.  I need a fresh touch from the Lord every day to really live this mama bear life.  I’ve been walking with the Lord for most of my life now, and one thing I have realized: I am a forgetter.  Yup- a total forgetter.  I can spend so much time pressing in and then once I hear that whisper from God that refreshes my soul?  I remember for all of 2 hours and then it’s gone.  It’s awful!  During my time in ministry at the church, I learned one thing: most people ARE forgetters.  It’s something we all share, and something that I decided I needed to tackle.  I started putting visual reminders around my house, pieces of the lessons we were learning so that I wouldn’t forget.  In my closet hung a small sign that said, “Put on love today” from a lesson we did on Colossians 3:14, as a reminder to ask the Lord to clothe me with love as I was getting dressed for the day.  Little things like this, little reminders- however silly they may seem- they really go a long way.  That was 9 years ago, and somehow I still remember that one little lesson because I made a point to.

I believe that God speaks to his kids.  I mean why the heck would you want to follow a god who never spoke to you or encouraged your soul?  Sounds lame.  I believe that He whispers to us by writing His laws on our hearts and our minds (Hebrews 10:!6).  I have such a passion and heart to share these whispers with you and combine them with beautiful reminders that we can hang on our walls.  Whatever the whisper, whatever the word- my heart is to have tangible reminders all around me, leading back to that sweet place with Jesus.  Reminding me of who He says I am and where He says I’m going.  And if you’re here reading, maybe that’s what you would like too.

I’m not gonna lie- in the midst of this mama life, finding time to just sit and write feels daunting.  Lately, whenever I try to write while my toddler is awake she just smacks my thigh and makes her monkey sounds until I pick her up.  And the thought of actually doing these Craft Devotionals that I love feels downright overwhelming 98% of the time.  So I’ve decided to give myself grace here and just try.  Take off the pressure and illusion that I can “do it all”.  Instead, I’ve decided to write when I hear these whispers and be obedient with whatever that looks like.  If I had a Robot Maid and Robot Babysitter you better believe this site would be busting at the seams.  But until that day, I will do my best to make this whole blog a space where I get to come alive communing with Jesus as I write.  And I hope that somehow, in some way, it can bless your heart too.

What makes you come alive, friend?  What makes you feel God’s smile on your life?  My hope for you is this: that you find it.  And once you find it, you pursue it with all that you are.

I’m cheering for you, dear one, and hoping that as you find your “thing” you feel the smile of God on your life like the warm afternoon sun.  He sees you.  He made you.  And my gosh does He have such great things in store.


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