Before I just assume that everyone gets the concept of “Craft Devotionals”, I wanted to explain a little further.  To me, hearing this phrase I’m like OMG YAS.  But I know that you probably have a million questions.  First- a quick recap of my life:

I was a kids and youth pastor for most of my 20s.  We had a teaching model called “Play It, Say It, Do It, Chew It” and all the components revolved around our lesson for the week.  We  played a game, told the story, made/colored something and ate a “snacktivity”.  It was genius.  So when Jesus whispers things to my heart, its such a natural thing for me to think, “oh! I should make something to remind me of this!”  Thus, Craft Devotionals were born.

But here’s the thing- I like REALLY HATE when the stuff I make is… “crafty”.  If someone asks me if I made something, I get the closest I can to a frown (I literally don’t know how to frown.  I’ve tried.) and I vow to make it better.  Am I a perfectionist? Seriously, only when it comes to art.  Everything else- yikes.  I want to make beautiful, quality things that look professional and lovely.  But I also know that a) not everyone is like me and b) I’m guessing that if you’re still reading you want to do Craft Devotionals too.  And I’ll tell you what- I want you to love them.  And BE GREAT at them.  So I’ve designed crafts that correspond with these whispers Jesus has been speaking to my heart and let me tell you friend, these crafts are SIMPLE and will make you feel like a crafting LADY BOSS.

So at the beginning of each post, I’ll write a little something something.  And then we’ll have a craft tutorial, walking you through the making of your devotion reminder.  Then you have a beautiful sentiment of our time together and man would I like to see pictures of them.

Let’s do this, friend.  Let’s dive into the heart of God and get our hands all covered in glitter at the same time.

xoxo Erica


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